Solder Training Materials

Omni Training - IPC Authorized Distributor

In addition to our extensive solder training services, Omni Training is known for high quality training products, designed to support those instructors and companies that conduct their own in-house training and certification. These training products include, but are not limited to:

  • Workmanship Standards manuals (standard off-the-shelf, custom and Spanish)
  • Soldering training kits for IPC Certification, terminals, through-hole and SMT technology as well as custom kits
  • Training printed wiring boards (PWB)
  • Photographs of solder workmanship that are printed and digital
  • PowerPoint presentations for instructors
  • Posters of a variety of workmanship criteria which can be customized to your company's specifications
  • Inspection tests that are in booklet form
  • Dummy components
  • Various workbooks and handbooks in English and Spanish along with instructor editions
  • ESD awareness training materials with operator handbooks and instructor course outlines

One of our more recent products is our Advanced SMT Training Board. It is a challenging, multi-layer, high-density layout, providing real-world risk-free opportunities for the training of removing and replacing a wide variety of SMT packages, including fine pitch QFP's, BGA's, micro BGA's and CSP's.