Omni Training Skills Intensive Courses

Skills Intensive Solder Training

Omni Training provides 'skills-intensive' classes which concentrate on developing skills and are taught to today's industry standards, IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, IPC-7711 & IPC-7721, and IPC/WHMA-A-620. Our training consists of instructor's lectures, and specification/quality requirement reviews. These are driven by projected presentations that coincide with a student Soldering Workbook provided for each student, which was designed exclusively for these types of courses. Take a classroom tour to learn more about the tools and equipment our students use. Please call for details on student quantity and material discounts.

Sample Soldering Workbook Pages

Skills Intensive Solder Theory
Solder Theory
Skills Intensive Tools & Techniques
Tools & Techniques
Skills Intensive Wiring & Terminals
Wiring & Terminals
Skills Intensive Component Identification
Component Identification
Skills Intensive Through Hole Technology
Through-Hole Technology
Skills Intensive SMT