About Omni Training

Omni Training has provided the electronics manufacturing community with a wide range of hands-on solder training services since 1978. Materials and curricula are continuously being updated to address the advancements in electronics manufacturing technology.

Omni Training is an approved IPC Authorized Training Center for the IPC-A-610, J-STD-001 and IPC-7711/7721, and IPC/WHMA-A-620. Omni Training's staff has been long-standing members on IPC committees which produced the IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, and IPC/WHMA-A-620 Specifications. Our team is made up of IPC Master Instructors, each with over twenty-five years experience in the manufacturing industry. Take a tour of our classroom to learn more about the tools and equipment our students use.

Omni Training also provides electronics manufacturers with "skills-intensive" hands-on soldering training, which can be customized to suit your application. In addition, we offer specialized training in related topics such as ESD awareness, cleanroom protocol and mechanical assembly, just to name a few.

Omni Training's certified instructors also teach hands-on electronic assembly training classes in accordance with any specification, quality level, or in-house requirements for operators, inspectors, trainers and supervision/management. For years our classes have been tailored to conform with military, telecommunications, medical, commercial, aerospace, NASA, and unique proprietary specifications.

Classes can be conducted on-site at customer locations or at Omni Training's training center. Subjects include: SMT (including fine pitch and BGA rework), through-hole, wiring and soldering terminals, crimping, ESD and many other related subjects. Most training courses consist of instructor lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and students' assembly of both practice and final workmanship samples.

Omni Training's product line includes workmanship manuals (print and digital format) featuring high quality full color photography depicting workmanship criteria to industry standards. Also, soldering training kits, dummy components, PWBs, training handbooks, student workbooks, inspection test and ESD training materials. Custom manuals and training materials are available upon request.

In addition to solder training, Omni Training has been a leader in the development and publishing of both off-the-shelf and custom workmanship standards for many years. We provide the in-house instructor with training materials such as workbooks, training kits, posters and audiovisual and workmanship criteria programs necessary to conduct electronic assembly training.

As an IPC Distributor, Omni Training has ability to provide you with one-stopping shopping for virtually all of your training needs. We are known worldwide for a vast array of training products designed to support those companies that conduct their own in-house training. These products include workmanship manuals, soldering training kits, training PWBs, posters, inspection tests, dummy components, workbooks, handbooks, ESD awareness training materials and classes, as well as a variety of the IPC specifications and products for certification. Refer to our training materials catalog for more information.