Mixed-Technology Lead Free Certification Kit

Omni Training Lead Free Solder Training Kit

The perfect tool for teaching solder operators and inspectors lessons on lead free soldering. Omni Training, the pioneer of solder training kits, has been supplying the electronics industry with various training PCBs and their components for 42 years. This mixed technology, lead free plated PCB incorporates a wide variety of solder applications including:

  • Terminal installation
  • Wires to terminal assembly & soldering
  • Component to terminal assembly & soldering
  • Axial & radial leaded components
  • Dual in-line package & small-outline integrated circuits
  • Polarity exercises
  • Wire to through-hole challenges
  • Wire to surface mount applications
  • Axial & Tantalum capacitors
  • Various trace widths exclusively for trace & pad repair
  • Unsupported, isolated plated-though, & thermally grounded plated-though-holes
  • TO-5 and TO-18 transistors
  • Small Outline Transistors (SOT-23s and SOT-89s)
  • Chips & Cylindrical end caps
  • Plastic-leaded Chip Carrier (J-leaded, PLCC)
  • Harnessing
  • Fine pitch quad flat packs (QFP)
  • ...and more

Please email us at info@omnitraining.com or call (909) 941-9495 if you have any questions or need further details.

PART # LEAD FREE CERTIFICATION KITS Omni Training - IPC Authorized Distributor
TK-LEAD FREE Mixed-technology Lead Free Certification Kit

As we move into lead-free solder requirements, both the inspector & operator will face an adjustment. The inspector will be inclined to reject solder joints that have a different surface appearance or wetting angle, as well as be exposed to new anomalies unique to the lead free solder joint. The operator will have to learn new skills in the time/temperature science and become increasingly aware of soldering iron tip maintenance. It provides just the right amount of work experience in making the necessary adjustments. Let us know if you would like us to help with this simple, but challenging process.