IPC Certification Center

Over the years Omni Training has trained tens of thousands of people in soldering skills and/or certification to various industry standards. While many claim to be the "ONLY" we realize although we are not your only choice, we suggest we are simply your best choice. Since our objective is to make learning interesting and comprehensive, utilizing simplified teaching methods, we observe an average 98% pass rate for those who attend our classes. That is why since 1978, Omni Training has been widely recognized as one of the most respected training centers throughout the industry.

All the while, we have kept up with the ever-changing technology and industry specifications with our certified instructors, and our state-of-the-art equipped classroom with an evolving training product line. Our classroom is equipped with some of the finest hand soldering and semi-automatic rework equipment, as well as infrared technology for reworking the latest in BGA and CSP packages. Since we not only train and certify, we are a provider of the materials used in certification. These products are supplied to instructors world-wide.

IPC Training Center

Omni Training is an approved IPC Authorized Certification Site for the IPC-A-610, J-STD-001 IPC-7711/7721, & IPC/WHMA-A-620, providing Training, Certification, and ReCertification Courses for Instructors and Operators. Our team is made up of IPC Master Instructors, each with over twenty-five years experience in the manufacturing industry as well as several years of classroom experience. We are ready and qualified to come to you with our on-site and custom classes, including tool rental if that is a need.

Please note: IPC has rolled out new titles and certificates for certified Instructors and Operators. Registered Instructors are now referred to as a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT). Those certified to what was formerly know as Worker or Operator Proficiency Certifications are now known as a Certified IPC Specialist (CIS).

Omni Training class hours are weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. There are many great places nearby to eat lunch and dinner. See the local map for details.